Built-in method to predict all possible movie-user ratings?

@sgugger I’m looking for a built-in method to get all possible movie ratings per user (complete all the NaNs in the cross-tabular view of users vs movies). As an end goal, I’d like to be able to pass any user and movie ID to get a prediction as in predict(userId, movieId).

When I call learn.get_preds(ds_type=DatasetType.Test) it only returns predictions on the existing movie-user ratings. The workaround I use is to pass all possible user-movie combinations as a test set:

data = CollabDataBunch.from_df(ratings, seed=42, pct_val=0.1, user_name=visitor, item_name=content, rating_name=score, test=ratings_all)

What I do feels ‘hacky’ so I wonder if there’s something built-in that I missed. Is there a method to get predictions on all possible user-movie ratings?

Thank you!

There is nothing built-in other than pass as a test set all the combinations you want.

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Thank you for clarifying!