Build your deep learning box: wiki thread

(Francisco Ingham) #102

Just wanted to share a picture of my build.

Zero experience in building and now I have this beauty. If any of you is doubting whether to build or not I would argue strongly for you to build your own box if you are serious about DL.


  1. Skin in the game
    Investing a substantial amount of money in your new build proves to yourself that you are serious about this DL stuff.
  2. Motivation
    Finishing the build, with the hassle it entails to choose the parts, source them and get everything to work smoothly (both hardware and software) is HIGHLY satisfactory.
  3. Flexibility
    The fact that you worked this out for yourself from the ground up means you know each step you took and can easily change if necessary (e.g. change a computer part for a new one or modify your dev setup).
  4. Ease of work
    If you can afford good hardware, everything is easier than relying on external compute. Running a notebook is smooth and fast, no lags. This facilitates experimentation enormously.


i just started setting up my box, so i basically set up the fastai environment and thats pretty much it. right now i have 114/223 GBs used on my ssd and 0 used on my hdd. which seems like theres a ton of stuff on the ssd that doesnt need to be. the ssd is setup as the C: drive and the hdd is the D:. is this how it should be? or should the drives be switched around and just save the ssd for data in projects? or something else?

(Joseph Woodson) #104

Here’s my personal box I got for gaming (with DL in mind when I purchased it):

I do wish I had gone for a 1GB SSD (and perhaps a 960 Pro for the speed), and nowadays I’d recommend an 8700K instead of Ryzen (and perhaps slightly cheaper RAM because Intel processors tend to not be as hungry for low memory latency), but overall I’m happy with my purchase. Specifically note the WD Gold – it’s just as fast (and expensive) as WD’s better-known Black gaming drives, but is made for more resilience in a heavy-use environment such as a datacenter.

Here’s a picture (I assure you all, I have done a bit of cable management since I took it):


Would love some feedback on my build. (edited for PSU)

Aiming for 2-3 GPUs within a reasonable budget.

(Sahil Gupta) #106

I think Ant PC has dedicated deep learning workstations which is quite superior than these see this link, They customize as well:


(Edit: realised Sahil you were responding to a previous post but someone might still find this useful)

Thanks for the link, I’m deciding to build it my own to make it easier to upgrade later.

The ant pc link has a good reference for a dual 1080 Ti build, it is actually quite similar to mine with the exception of ninth Gen Intel CPU (i9 7900X with 10 cores). In Australia , that’s at least x3 the price of a i7-7800X. I agree it’s superior but doesn’t fit the budget since I only think I need 6 cores (I’d prefer to spend it on the third GPU!)