Build website with r studio and quarto instead of fastpages

I am trying to building my blog and i finished some tutorials on the internet and i can publish normal documents. But when i a want to publish a jupyter notebook i got the error
Can’t import nbformater!
And i check this error in the internet but couldn, t find any help!
Also it seems not an r package.
I really fell sad. I have spent 2 days trying building a blog!
I spend a lot of time watching django tutorial know about github commands, html, jekyll and some strange stuff. And know I am OK with quarto but just want to render jupyter notebooks in it!

nbformat is a python package which describes the Jupyter notebook format. You would install it with:
pip install nbformat or conda install nbformat in the same environment that you installed Jupyter pip install jupyter or conda install jupyter. Documentation for nbformat is found at:


You can generally just disable notebook execution in quarto since Jupyter already stores outputs in cells. Then Quarto can render it without jupyter or nbformat installed. That’s what we do for all our projects.

You don’t even need Rstudio - just type “quarto preview” or “quarto render” or “quarto publish” in your folder.


You are right the error was with python and should disable execution of the code.
I just needed to configure the python env in r studio.
But it was the first time for me to use R studio.