Broken "Show in docs" link in doc() function

The “Show in docs” provided by doc() is broken. For example, if I enter this in a cell of a Jupyter Notebook using the latest version of fastbook:

from fastai.torch_core import TensorImage

It displays a popup with information as expected, but the “Show in docs” link is incorrect. There’s just one character wrong. The broken link is:

but the correct link uses an underscore, not a period:

(the [source] link is correct, however).

I’m posting this here because that’s what the instructions for posting an issue in GitHub say to do* before posting an issue.

PS: *By the way, as often happens to me, I found a bug in the bug-tracking procedure…

The instructions when you start creating an issue include this recommendation:

Please see this model example of how to fill out an issue correctly. Please try to emulate that example as appropriate when opening an issue.

But if you click on that link, it takes you to the pull request related to the issue, not to the issue, so it’s not helpful at all as a model.