Boston Study Group

Join if you are in Boston area.

Hey Akshay. I’m in Boston and looking to join a study group.

Hi Akshay, I’ll like to join the study group

Anything going on with this? Do you guys want to meet up?

I am up for this, too!

I don’t know if you are already meeting, but even so, you might want to come to this Meetup also.

Every Sunday at 3:30pm at CIC Cambridge. We just finished one run through Course 1 (3rd version). We restarted Course 1 and will be talking about what we learned from week 2 on April 7th.
See for more info (and the number to call if not showing up in the first half hour). All are welcome. The team-formation/team-support (for more than just Kaggle) runs from 2pm to at least 4pm. We have been doing starting at 3:30, but we could add Course 2 (or the ML course, etc.) at any other time that we are there. Feel free to come even if you haven’t caught up to week 2. We have 15-30 at each Meetup and about ten attend the part.
I am one of the organizers of the Meetup.
Timothy Haven


@thaven1 I’m looking for an east coast meetup. I’m in the Boston area but a bit far – SW New Hampshire. Is this meetup still happening?


Hi David,

Yes, we are still meeting every Sunday. We just gave up our CIC membership and moved to free space at MIT. See the Meetup page.