Boston Study Group

(Akshay Penmatcha) #1

Join if you are in Boston area.



Hey Akshay. I’m in Boston and looking to join a study group.


(Victor Oludare) #3

Hi Akshay, I’ll like to join the study group



Anything going on with this? Do you guys want to meet up?


(Silviu-Marian Udrescu) #5

I am up for this, too!



I don’t know if you are already meeting, but even so, you might want to come to this Meetup also.

Every Sunday at 3:30pm at CIC Cambridge. We just finished one run through Course 1 (3rd version). We restarted Course 1 and will be talking about what we learned from week 2 on April 7th.
See for more info (and the number to call if not showing up in the first half hour). All are welcome. The team-formation/team-support (for more than just Kaggle) runs from 2pm to at least 4pm. We have been doing starting at 3:30, but we could add Course 2 (or the ML course, etc.) at any other time that we are there. Feel free to come even if you haven’t caught up to week 2. We have 15-30 at each Meetup and about ten attend the part.
I am one of the organizers of the Meetup.
Timothy Haven

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