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I thought it could be cool to start a thread specifically for sharing student projects and blog posts, and for sharing other interesting content on the web–articles, frameworks, papers, etc. You can absolutely share these types of links in other threads, I just wanted to set up this catch-all thread in case people were afraid to post things they find/build in other forum threads :slight_smile:

To start things off, here are some recent blogs posts:

And here is a cool article which tries to reconcile the latest research in Neuroscience with the latest research in Deep Learning:

(Brendan Fortuner) #2

Adding another from @Matthew

(Rothrock) #3

Wanted to say thanks to @brendan! I followed your blog last night and set up my environment. Your instructions were great and very helpful and saved me a lot of time. In my case, neither my mobo nor my cpu had integrated graphics, so I didn’t have the problems with the nvidia drivers or having to install/remove the card.

@sravya8 I’m looking forward to your blog on getting the ssh up and running!

(Brendan Fortuner) #4

Awesome new one from @slavivanov

Please also post any new articles here! Otherwise we won’t find them!

I also want to reiterate Jeremy’s point that blogging about your work + learning has many unexpected benefits. I recently uploaded a few of my notes on linear algebra to medium and to my surprise it’s become quite popular. It was republished in a medium publication called Towards Data Science, it has over 73 recommends, gave me 100 new followers, it’s been tweeted a bunch of times by people I’ve never met, and at one point someone emailed me and offered me a job. All that for casually uploading a few linear algebra notes.

You have nothing to lose!

(Brendan Fortuner) #5

Ycombinator launched a vertical for AI startups.

Specifically, startups applying AI to a specific industry.

(Zarak) #6

A modern medium for presenting research

The web is a powerful medium to share new ways of thinking. Over the last few years we’ve seen many imaginative examples of such work. But traditional academic publishing remains focused on the PDF, which prevents this sort of communication.

This seems like a neat idea, with some big names on the steering committee.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #7

I hadn’t seen the linear algebra cheat sheet before! Really nice :slight_smile: I just tweeted it, so hopefully you’ll get a few more readers and job offers…

(Jason Carter) #8

Thanks for the posts @brendan I read through a few - great stuff. Still considering building my own DL machine but we’ll see…

Any way, I ran across this post and thought it was a really good intro on CNNs (at least for me) so I wanted to post it here for others to checkout if they’re interested.

(Brendan Fortuner) #9

If anyone’s curious, here’s the Jeremy-Rachel effect if they tweet about your blog post.

(Stephen Lizcano) #10

Congrats! Nice blog post by the way… I found it through Rachel’s tweets :wink:

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #11

I also posted it to reddit, where it hit the top of reddit ML for quite a while! (>100 upvotes)

(sravya8) #12

@brendan you are famous now! I also saw your post on Deep learning weekly!

(Ravi Teja Gutta) #13

Hi guys, I found this repository containing latest DL papers,blogs,books etc and other material

(David Woo) #14

I was exploring the imagenet notebook and was looking to get a primer and intuition on how word2vec works. I wrote a fun blog article with some examples on using word2vec to answer some fan theory on games of thrones. thought would share in case benefits folks.

(Jason Carter) #15

Dogs vs Cats Redux! Short but interesting read from Kaggle winner, specially given our work on lesson 1+2

(Brendan Fortuner) #16

Wow that’s a crazy ensemble! I wonder how he keeps it all together

(Zarak) #17

Sonnet, a new high level library based on TensorFlow has just been open sourced by DeepMind.

(Phani Srikanth) #18

Best Practices for Applying Deep Learning to Novel Applications


Wrote few things about Time Series Analysis using RNN - LSTM

(Vishnu Subramanian) #20

Just finished writing blog on transfer learning using pytorch.

Let me know your views.