Blog Post Thread: Blog posts that will be helpful to beginners

Kaggle Planet Competition: How to land in top 4%. An end to end tutorial

I have written an end to end tutorial. It details all of the steps that can help you to land in top 4% Kaggle Planet Competition. Sharing it here, as it will be helpful for beginners.

Let me know what you think about it.

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Sharing my latest 2 part blog series on Data Driven AI, featuring Fastai. Part One covers the Dog Breeds competition from lecture 2. Part Two looks at Simson’s paradox with examples from Judea Pearl’s Book of Why.

Part One - Human like abilities in 30 lines of code

Part Two - How Dumb is Your Data

Hi Friends,
I’m a beginner to fastdotai course . I’ve summarized my understanding for cat vs dog classifier . The blog post is present here . Everyone is welcome to give their feedback .