Blog Post: Introduction to Neural Networks

I’ve published my first Blog Post on Deep Learning and I’d like some feed back! It’s an introduction to Deep Learning. It visits some of the key concepts from the first few lectures but from a different perspective


Hey, @sabzo congrats on publishing your first blog post.

The example of going to the concert based on simple decisions is definitely easy to understand. The Slow and Steady part seems to suggest that having a small learning rate is good. From my understanding, we need to choose an optimal learning rate (between too small and too large) since if the learning rate is too small then it would take a lot more time to converge on the graph of the error function.

I also learnt about Sankofa bird from your post. Thanks for sharing.

Congrats on your first blog publishing on Deep Learning. Waiting to see some more interesting blogs from you.

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Congrats sabzo for publishing your first blog post. I want to collaborate with you in future.
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Hello @sabzo congrats for your first blog and just i read your blog its so nice…keep for blogs like this.thank you for sharing.
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