Blog post displays locally but not on internet

Hi all,

Thanks a ton to all the contributors for creating fastpages!

I have a problem with a post appearing when I build my blog locally but not appearing online. Can someone help me troubleshoot?

The most similar questions seem to be [fastpages] "Posts" list displays today's date and some titles are missing and [fastpages] .md post not appearing on blog but neither of the solutions on those posts seem to be of use to me.

The github repo for my blog is here. The blog built from this repo is here.

I have two markdown posts on the blog, On the need for structure… directory structure and On good models and good research, and these are displayed as desired. My one notebook post PyTorch Tutorial is not visible. It does not appear in the lists of posts in the index / homepage of the blog.

There is no error when building the blog locally or when Github Actions runs online. Here is what the blog looks like when built locally on my machine.

Here is the blog online:

Lastly, online, the gh-pages branch has a html page for the post that I am looking for here. The post is also in the index.html file here, despite not showing up on the webpage. If it helps, the last build-site action is here.

Where should I begin looking to troubleshoot and resolve this issue?

I think your repo name is incorrectly specified. Please read the instructions carefully

Also consider reading the Troubleshooting Guide: