Binge Small Study Group (GMT+8 Singapore, Beijing, HK etc)

Hi, I’m looking for another 2-3 people who have plenty of free time like me to binge the new course a lecture a day. While on a video call, we can go through the lecture and along with the jupyter notebook, then discuss and troubleshoot together to verify and validate our understandings.

P.S: I don’t think its recommended to binge and spaced repetition is better for learning new things. But, ideally, for people who previously gone through the fast-ai course and has somewhat experience fiddling with fast-ai, I think it will be manageable.

Hi, it is Alex from Hong Kong. And I want to dive deep into fastai2 library from the course materials.
My target is to output a series of blogposts explaining the lib, and make a few contributions to the lib
Would love to study together! I can devote my time after day work

Hi Alex, I would also love to do a deep dive into the library! Late time would also work for me.

Please, let me know your preferred method for conferencing; Discord, Zoom, or Google Meet etc? Let’s set up a call.