Bing image search sign-up?

Hi all:
Any one having success signing up for Bing Image Search? Are there instructions we can follow?



Looking for this too.


Was able to sign up here.

Signed up for the free account. (They needed my credit card for confirmation)

Navigate back to the page, and API key was listed below.


Thanks @edwincv0 !
It’s a bit weird that after signing up, I did not see any API key listed. I will try again.

Try navigating back to this url after.

It was at the bottom of the page for me after signing in. Best of luck.

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This says the keys are only active for 7 days. No way to extend without paying?

Getting following error on lesson 2 Python notebook:

ImportError: cannot import name 'FileUpload'

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I used BING to do a specific image search and then save the result from the JSON tab. And then download images WITHOUT signing up for API and giving my credit card details. :blush:

Here is my notebook.

The file structure in my example is:
– lesson2.ipynb
– abstract_arts.json
– data (folder) – abstract_arts (folder) – img_#.jpg

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Thanks for sharing this. I have a probably very stupid quesiton. How do I do step two in the notebook? I.e. copy all data from the JSON tab in Bing? I don’t really know how to navigate to the tab.

Many thanks!

BING search page (default “Preview” tab):

BING search page (click “JSON” tab)

Copy everything and including {} from the grey area.

Also, you can search for “Bulk Bing Image Downloader python” there is a handy script to download images without signing up.

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