Bigger video window for lectures

Can you make the window for the course videos bigger?

Why, you may ask?
This is a small problem, but I think it also has a really easy fix. I am working my way through the ml1-course. Jeremy urged the online audience to watch the videos from rather than from YouTube so that it would be easier to reach the lesson notes and wiki.
However, the video window on the course page is so tiny that you can’t see any of the text. Optionally, I can fullscreen it, but then I lose a full monitor just for the video. Normally I follow along with the videos with the notebook and a separate browser on the side. Losing a full monitor is therefore annoying for my dual-monitor setup, and even worse for people with a single monitor.
Youtube has this feature, so for now I’ll be hanging out there. Everything else is great, btw :+1:

I agree, I have the same issue, its either too big or too small. It would be great to have a re-sizeable window.