Best way of downloading own dataset on Google Colab from Drive

Can someone suggest me some easy way of uploading datasets from Google Drive to Colab Notebooks? Please answer my question since I am a newbie.

Did you do a search of these forums? IIRC, this was answered previously.

You can try, it’s quite easy to upload the dataset.

If you have your dataset already in google drive, just follow the instructions here

This mounts your google drive to the machine so you can access it directly.

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Please provide me a link then.

I recommand you to mount your google drive to your colab with the following commands:
from google.colab import drive
Then运行这行代码,就会出现上边的输出,会有一个授权链接出来,点击之后授权登录Google账号,然后最后会有一个授权码,将这个授权码填入下边的对话框中,回车等待,出现 Mounted at /content/gdrive 则表示挂载成功!