Best dev env with AIcode assist jupyter 4/2024?


I am an experienced ML programmer, but new to DL and Python.

During part 1 of the course i used google.colab, but now i’m looking to really dig in and start coding more myself. Seems like in 2024 I should be using a tool with an AI coding assistant such as copilot or openAI codex. What is the best setup available these days?

I have a MacbookPro w/Apple M1 Max. Can I run everything (py, jupyter, gpu) locally via VScode/copilot? or do any of the GPU cloud hosts offer a copilot?

thanks in advance, jason

I have tried a bunch of cloud dev environments like sagemaker, lightning ai, etc. I still think the best way is to do as much as possible locally and then spin up a gpu ec2/sagemaker instance and connect with the machine from local vs code. I use cursor as my local vs code ide which makes ai powered dev much easier and has a lot of quality of life features.

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