Best book, podcast, tutorial a.o. for swift architecture & design

So, when I know zero - I love to read a book. That good old analog thing, with some weight in the hand

Am aware tech books get dated fast, but still wondering if there maybe is a ‘swift bible’ out there, that explains design principles (and the latest releases then I get from blogs and online docs), maybe history and is a good read. I want to avoid technicalities on e.g. programming an iPad but am really interested in swift as a platform, architecture, design, compiler / runtime and so on.

Any opinions on this swift book ?

This has good reviews and readers mentioned it explains the architecture of swift a little, which sounds interesting. Problem might be its dated (2017),

So maybe rather O’Reilly (almost always a great choice for tech!):

If there are no great, up to date books, maybe (and in any case), there are some ‘authorative’ blogs on swift ? Anything readable, short of a (hands on) tutorial

Opinions welcome :wink:

4 Likes’s books are a great choice!


Hi Benudek!

I’m not familiar with the Swift books you listed, but here’s a nice interactive Swift tutorial - could be a good starting point before you dive deep into reading.


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So far the official Swift book from Apple seems pretty good and is free… as long as you have an Apple device though

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I know you asked about a best book for architecture & design, but I’d also recommend checking out Swift podcasts too. Here’s one very recently started (Jan 2019) and only 3 episodes in, but has the distinction that Chris L. is one of the co-hosts, and it’s a great way to get a lot of background context in the development and use of Swift that you might not necessarily get from a book -


great & thx ! should have thought about podcasts !

So changed the title to include podcasts or tutorials, so anyone could post, what makes sense for learning.

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One of two use cases for S4TF as listed at project GitHub repo is for ML learner’s. If one wanted to learn ML with Swift for TF what are the resources there? Thanks!

There’s an image classification tutorial here;

And a good blog post by Brad Larson about training AlexNet at;


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It isn’t a physical object, but if you like “language reference” sorts of books, the official book is quite good. I’m not sure if it is available printed,



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One of the most popular tutorial websites for iOS development (and now also Android) is They have a nice book on Swift, the language: Swift Apprentice.

(Full disclosure: I am affiliated with this website, but I wouldn’t mention their books and videos if I didn’t think they were any good.)


If you’re interested in mobile development as well, the big nerd ranch iOS/Android books are a great way to learn the platform!

I would also recommend erica’s blog:


One podcast I enjoy is Swift Unwrapped. It discusses active Swift Evolution Proposals and other pieces of news in the evolution of the language:


These are interesting to check out too:

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