Beginner to fastai course - what do I do?

I was just wondering if there are any assignments or projects that goes with the course? Are there any programming assignments or do I just watch the videos? I just finished the first lesson and wanted to know what’s ahead. I just feel so lost as I’m not used to this method of teaching.

I suggest reading(coding-hacking-playing with!) the Jupyter notebooks along with the videos and doing projects listed in “Further Research” at the end of the notebooks.
How to get and set up those notebooks is described here:


Hi Joseph
Watch the video, become confused, try the notebook. Next try something similar. Realise you do not know how to do that in Python. Read Python topic. Try again. It works. Watch video. Unfortunately it is very iterative. I find the new book really good because I can read the sentence again and again and again whereas the video races away. It is worth trying the other courses because sometimes the same thing said differently makes sense. One rule. There is no need to rush. It is better to understand a little of not much rather than understand nothing of everything.
Regards Conwyn