Beginner: Following the download.ipynb for creating a dataset

Hi all

I’m a Data Science intern with limited Computer Science knowledge so apologies for the noobish questions.

I am following the download.ipynb notebook by Jeremy on how to web scrape and create your own image dataset.

Q: is it supposed to return ‘null’ when running the first javascript code in the notebook? I have disabled AdBlock plus.

Also, how would I then continue to follow the instructions using Google Colab?

My knowledge about directories, paths, servers etc. is rudimentary so please forgive me.


Hi hope you are having a good day.

When I did this note book I didn’t run the code on notebook I ran it on my desktop and dragged the files to the Google drive.

Also people have had problems with different browsers, so try different browsers the most popular one has been Google Chrome.
Others said they had to run Chrome in Incognito mode for it to work.

You may also have to turn off any add blocker software you may be using.

Please see these two links for other info.

Hope this helps mrfabulous1 :grinning::grinning:

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