BBOX clarification Lesson 8


Hi Jeremy,

I was listening your Lesson 8 and I got really confused about BBOX coordinate and it took me some times to conclude you say the order of BBOX coordinates in reverse order. So I just wanted to clarify it for others.
In lesson 8 video at 49’ 25’’ you saying that “‘bbox’: [155, 96, 196, 174],” represents col, row of top left and height and width of the bonding box which is in fact the reverse and it is “Width” and “Height” of the bounding box so to speak : ‘bbox’: [Col, Row, Width, Height],

That is why for calculating the bottom right coordinates (Row and Col respectively) we use : (bb[3]+bb[1]-1, bb[2]+bb[0]-1] )

Please let me know if i am missing something or I am wrong.