Batch text generation with NLP models

I am working on a project that requires large amounts of text generation. I found the predict function too slow, and worked on code to do this in batches this afternoon. I wanted to share this with the community, in hopes it may be helpful. Please point out any bugs you find! I haven’t done extensive tests to confirm this produces the same distribution as Jeremy’s predict, but early checks look good.

#—generate 64 independent articles of text

seqs_gen = ['']*batch_sample
mask = [1] *batch_sample
#---my GO character is GO. Need to find the corresponding int
go_int =['GO']
xb = np.array( [go_int]*batch_sample )
yb = np.array( [go_int]*batch_sample )
xb = torch.from_numpy(xb).to(device='cuda').unsqueeze(1)
yb = torch.from_numpy(yb).to(device='cuda').unsqueeze(1)
#--- want to generate text that is max 600 words long
for i in range(0, 600):
    preds=learner.pred_batch( batch=(xb,yb) )
    preds = preds[:,-1,:]
    preds = preds.squeeze()
    m = torch.distributions.Multinomial(probs=preds)
    actions = m.sample()
    idx = actions.nonzero()[:,1]
    for i in range(0, idx.size()[0] ):
        ints = idx[i].item()
        letter =[ints]
        if( letter != 'xxpad' and letter != 'GO' and letter != 'END' and letter != 'xxfake' and mask[i] == 1):
            seqs_gen[i] = seqs_gen[i] + letter
        elif( letter == 'END'):
            #---use mask to not append further
            mask[i] = 0
            print('we have ended text')
    idx = idx.unsqueeze(1)
    idx ='cuda')
    xb  = (xb,idx), 1)
    yb  = (yb,idx), 1)
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