Bangalore Thread

Thread for discussing about meet ups etcetera, for people from Bangalore.


Will def attend meetups in 3-4 weeks when I know a little more about this subject, and can contribute something too. Looking forward.

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Hello Guys,
As we have crossed 5 weeks, can we have a meetup this weekend.

Is there any study group already formed in bangalore. If not can we create one?

There is a study chapter in Bangalore as well and interested people can sign up.


I attended the part1-v2 class in-person at USF. I am attending the first 3 sessions of AI Saturdays at Bangalore and would love to meet my classmates in-person.


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I will try to attend the Bangalore sessions as well.


Iā€™m studying in Chennai but would love to commute to Bangalore for the meet ups :slight_smile:

Cool. I will also try to attend.

None of them in my city :frowning:

I guess there is one in Pune/Bombay area?

I am planning to attend the session on Jan 6. Happy to meet you guys.

In class student at USF, visiting hometown Bangalore end of Dec! Thinking of attending AI Saturdays if possible.

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