Bacground removal with deep learning

Hi Guys,
Me and Alon Burg have released an alpha version of GreenScreen.AI - a background removal app, which we’ve been working on in the last few months.
We are also releasing 3 detailed blogposts about our work process.
You are more than welcomed to read, expereince and comment!
For any questions or inquires, feel free to contact us :slight_smile:
The app
The Blog posts -
machine learning:


Medium link to first post doesn’t work for me?

Thanks, fixed it

We’re considering if we should try to pursue Matting with Deep Learning as a 2nd step for improving the background removal.
Anyone has experience with combining semantic segmentation with DL matting?


Thanks for the keywords and your projects, I have one more thing to play with in the future :slight_smile:. If I can train the matting model successful I will send you a message.

You guys might have fun with this background removal Kaggle competition?

@brendan - yep we’re trying to come up with some new architecture or combination of NN to nail this.

I’m wondering if we have a good chance of winning 1st-3rd place with simply segmentation, as it seems there are people who are more experienced then us in ensembling and training multitude of models to find the optimal hyperparameters.

@burgalon I used a U-net on 512x512 images and it worked very well. Maybe passing in a 1024x1024 image will improve the results.

Have you tried using tiramisu on it?

Hi burgalon,
Could you please share the model implementation code.