AWS Spot Instances

I saw there were a few posts in the forums regarding AWS Spot Instances. I know there are some risks involved (mainly losing your data), but I was wondering if anyone had any success using them? Is there a certain scenario where we should consider a Spot Instance over On-Demand? Sometimes the savings are minimal, but anything to extend the life of my AWS credits is worth considering :slight_smile:

Yup check the #part1 forum. There’s a big thread there about using them, with links to scripts that will configure it for you.

NB: This is a fairly advanced sysadmin topic, and making a mistake will cause you to lose the data on your instance! Specifically: shutting down a spot instance deletes your instance data - unlike normal instances where you can shut them down without terminating. So I wouldn’t spend time on this unless you already feel confident working at the shell and handling git, bash scripts, etc. But if you do spend time on this, you’ll learn valuable skills that are bound to be helpful in the future!