AWS limit increase denied

Hi all, just a heads up that you may not be able to get an increase in G-instances on AWS. I was told that my request was denied due to “unprecented demand for GPU instances.” So you may have to try a different platform (unless you are luckier than I am and can get approved). Sorry to break the news.

UPDATE: After re-reading the reply from the AWS team, I thought there might actually be a glimmer of hope as they were actually referring me to Sales, but it was not to be. Going to the Sales support request page automatically signs you out of your account…but they will not respond to inquiries unless you are signed in. Due to this infinite no-win loop, I will stick to other platforms and hope there are not too many AWS-dependent parts to work around.


Update as of 30th April 2022: My request was also denied with same reply. I contacted sales with no success. Looking at other solutions are better option. I personally use Paperspace. Its’ easy to setup, cheaper and lot of free GPU available (at fixed monthly price) for beginner and intermediate users.