AWS Lessons

On the very first image shown in lesson 1, I read that we should take the time to setup our deep learning server and it directs the reader to AWS Lessons.

I have searched high and low for the AWS Lessons and unfortunately I have not found them.

Anybody know where I can find these lessons and if so could they point me to them. If not, maybe there is some documentation that could give me an idea on how to set up my deep learning server.

Thanks. itself has got 36 hour courses, google’s got a few free resources, and so does microsoft.

Thanks Beatrice

This may be the video that you are looking for.

You may also want to refer to this step by step instruction.

Personally, I find paperspace notebooks a lot easier to get you started with. It has a Fast.AI template and you start with a C2 ($0.009/hr) machine to play around with first, and when you are ready to some serious training, switch to a GPU-capable machine.

You can get a $10 credit for Paperspace using my referral code G6LS6RO or clicking on this

Please reply here if you are applying this promo code as I understand it is good for one use only - and share your own referral code at the same time so others can benefit.

Thanks Yow Sai Cheong … thanks for your email. I will investigate the video you included in your email and then research paper space and if I go with that I will reply as you suggested and share the referral code that I get.