AWS - Lesson 1


Pls advise if there is a guide for this.
I have already created the AWS account and pinned EC2, IAM and VPC. How do I progress from here? Thanks.


Set up Anaconda and fastai from scratch on new AWS instance

  • Launch instance with Ubuntu t2.medium 50GB (preferred) or t2.micro 30GB (free), then login and complete these steps:
  • git clone
  • wget
  • bash
    • Default install to home
    • Yes: add to .bashrc
  • source .bashrc or login again (NB: on Mac this file is called .bash_profile )
  • cd fastai
  • conda env update
  • Logout, then log back in adding to your ssh command: -L8888: . This creates an ssh tunnel. There’s lots of tutorials about ssh tunnels if you’re not clear on this, such as this one
  • Next time when log in, be sure to source activate fastai .
  • Remember, you’re being charged for every hour your server is on. You can turn it off in your terminal by typing shutdown -h now or in the AWS web-based console. There are also mobile apps in case you’re not near your computer.


Can anyone assist or no one did the AWS homework at lesson 1 :yum: ?

I tried this but I don’t need GPU for this course , right?

but I noticed we need to use either of this
Ubuntu t2.medium 50GB (preferred) or t2.micro 30GB (free) ?

Is there a guide ? Thanks


(Minh) #3

I wrote a document on How to Install Fastai v0.7 on AWS for Fastai Machine Learning Course that details every installation step to get you started on the Fastai ML course using AWS. It took me several hours to get the installation done and I hope it will help you too.