‎AWS IAM or root user

Is there a way to identify if my logged-in user on https://console.aws.amazon.com is as root or IAM?

I attempted a task that requires root credentials, like change account settings. But this does not tell me which user I am (it just brings me back to the login page where I can log in as either root or an IAM user).

Perhaps another procedure is to spin up an EC2 instance and using the get-current-user command after SSHing in, but I have not purchased a terminal for this ipad yet.

This shell for ipad is $20 dollars, does anybody use it?

found the answer: it will say to the left of the current geographic service region at the top of the console page either:

  • IAM User ID & account numerical ID when logged in as IAM
  • Account text-name only if the root user is logged in

I was slightly confused by the password autofill function which had logged me in as the opposite type as I was expecting.