AWS free tiers without credit card?

hopefully you’re all doing well.
I am from Morocco In North-West Africa, international online transaction is a problem over here!
I can purchase things online with my credit card but am unable to sign up for services like AWS which makes monthly bill.
When I created a AWS account with my credit card, I saw on the dashboard a message mentioning that I have to change the payment method. I also ask my bank advisor but she said that is beyond their reach and advise me to try paypal but AWS doesn’t accept it.
Now, it’s about 3 to 4 hours spent in looking for workaround and haven’t found yet something.
If anyone has an idea, please let me know.
@Jeremy Or, if Amazon team can help us, me and people in similar situation to solve this issue.

Thank you so much


I guess you can try

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@iskode please PM me your email address and full name and I’ll put you in touch with the Amazon folks. We also have some other options we’ll be introducing today, BTW.


@iskode you can use awseducate to login to aws. i think they don’t ask for credit card details if you login by awseducate.

AWS Educate is a nice initiative to make the computing resources available to students worldwide but given the diversity of the people in this program it would be hard everyone will be eligible for it. Like I am not eligible for it too, and I don’t have an access to credit card currently too for some reasons. They are just a big pain to get here.

@abdulhannanali and anyone who can’t sign up for AWS - please let me know your full name and email via PM, and I’ll pass it on to the AWS team.

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My AWS account id is - 442464190758, i have filled in the excel sheet.

In excel the last column is empty, whereas it’s filled for all.

Thanks a lot @jeremy for the help, AWS Support was beyond helpful and I was having a serious problem with their account verification system as I entered my Debit Card Details but they manually verified me. Now I don’t have any credits except the free tier they provided but I am glad at least I got verified, this made me a little late in filling out the Spreadsheet for credits, and I got to know that the credits AWS provided to you have been exhausted. So I am rooting for the inclusion of Fast.AI in the Github Student Developer Pack, this way maybe I can get some credits which I can use for this course.

Thanks a lot for your help in this regard.

I heard back from github - they are only able to include accredited universities in their program.

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You can try to get GitHub students developer package

@jeremy hie am a student from south africa and dont have an credit account, can you help me create aws account my email thank you in advance

Have you tried Payoneer or Transferwise cards?