AWS error while launching instance

when i was trying to launch the instance , i got these error could anyone help me in this

Those are not errors. Those are warnings -

  1. Since you are using GPU, it doesn’t come in Free Tier (that AWS gives if you use t2.micro for first year). It just says that you will be charged / hour for the particular instance.

  2. Security group warning says that anyone can ssh into your machine provided they have your pem key and know your AWS IP Address.

You can also find posts on starting instance in the Introductory workshop thread - In-class discussion: Introductory workshop


thank you @ramesh for correcting me.
i copying what i received from AWS over email may be @ramesh ,now you can suggest me some necessary steps
As a new customer, you can launch Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances in 3 AWS regions. We advise you to use the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), and US East (Ohio) regions. If you prefer other regions, please contact us at and let us know which 3 regions are more convenient for you.

You can find the list of regions and which services are available in each at Please make sure you are not running EC2 instances in the region you are transitioning from.

If you have a use case that requires you to run EC2 instances in more than 3 regions, contact us at Describe your use case and we may increase the number of available regions.

This limitation is temporary and only affects EC2. Other AWS services are available in all regions.

I interpret the message as be careful launching instances in different regions. Because you can only see one Region at a time in AWS EC2 dashboard. So you may forget to turn OFF the system which means it will keep charging. I only use ONE Region. Currently that’s “us-west-2” Oregon. But Any region that has the FastAI AMI will do. Just stick to one Region. Check the pricing here -

Couple of useful links -

  1. Intro Wiki - Wiki thread: Intro workshop
  2. Lesson 2 Wiki for AMIs setup - Lesson 2 In-Class Discussion

Hope this will get you started. Please feel free to reply here and one of us (your fellow learners) will try to help.


hi @ ramesh ,thanks for point out the fact that i should go through the videos once again .it helped but you’r these lines proved like a gold
Please note that you may need to request a Limit increase in your AWS GPU instance (p2 or g2) from 0 to 1 for you to spin up a EC2 P2 or G2 instance. Don’t worry about it for now. Watch the two video sections on AWS setup and ping us here if it’s not clear how to request for an increase in Instance limits (its in EC2 dashboard -> Instance (limits) on the left menu section).

when i check the limt on p2.x it was 0
when i checked the limit on t.micro it was 1 and within a second the t2.micro was launched.

so,now i have put a request to increase my limit on p2.x instance
here ,are the snapshot of what i did

Cool. Glad it was useful. Actually, I thought those instructions were redundant and edited it out, but glad it made to your inbox anyway :smiley:

i would suggest you stick to AWS Regions in N.Virginia or Oregon. I think the Asia-Pacific Instances are more expensive (Check this though). Also give your phone number when requesting for limit increase. It’s much faster than via e-mail.

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