AWS EC2 Dashboard not showing running instance?

Does aws dashboard normally reflect the instance running?

I tried running my instance on cygwin and saw the AWS EC2 dashboard not showing the instance running so I thought it’s not running.

However, when i came back many hours later and saw my AWS billing i got charged absurd amount of money for instance that i didn’t know was running.

Does aws dashboard not reflect the running instance if i run the instance on cygwin??


Yes they do reflect. The issue you are facing may be of cygwin and aws dashboard synchronization.

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It does reflect what instance you are running for a given region, but you might have opened dashboard for one region, for example us-east-1, but started it from cygwin in another region, like us-west-2.

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One thing AWS does well is customer service. I have complained a few times about unexpected bills and they send you a credit that covers the cost and more.

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Yes, the region was us-east-1 instead of us-west-2. I’m trying to ask aws for possible concession for the unexpected bills.

Thanks for your advice guys!!