Automated Learning Rate Classification Model

This group is to (attempt to) create an Image classifier to automate the finding of learning rates so that manually looking at it wouldn’t be necessary.

The goal is to take a bunch of learning rate record images and use them to build an image classification model, using fastai of course :slight_smile:


Correct: 1e-2
Correct: 5e-3

Fun project ! Rather than posting the images here maybe it would be better to put them in a github repo ?

Also, ideally should the return values be slices, or single values?

Ok, sorry. Is there easier way than posting github? Could we use some other service? Like what if you create a site where anyone can upload picture and learning rate. That shouldn’t be hard. I think posting one picture to github is too complicated. It just take too much time.

Google Photos

meh tried google photos , but that needs everyone to have an account. there should be some way to just add photos without having to create an account

Is there any hosting site that doesn’t need account creation for every single person who wants to upload?

Create your own using this tutorial. Just save image instead of predicting it. Then add text box so users can send learning rates.

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