Austrian Virtual Study Group

Thread for the Austrian Virtual Study Group. :slight_smile:


Hi! I am in here!
“Grias eich” ;=)

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Grias di :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,

tomorrow, Friday, 20.03., the first meetup is planed from 15:00-17:00.

We will try to hold our Meetup with Skype, therefore, please send me your Skype names via PM to setup the group for tomorrow!

Talk to you soon! :slight_smile:

Hi! I cannot connect to skype. It always says that skype is not available at the moment. Is there another way to access the meeting? (google hangouts?)

I created a repo to collect the material from our learning group:

Feel free to add material, notebooks, links (forum threads, blog posts, publications, etc.) via pull requests!

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I’m unable to join as I’m occupied with work. Hope y’ll have a good session. Will try to join the next one :slight_smile:

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any chance there’s a recording of the study session?

Hmm, we didn’t thought about recording, but the first meetup was more to get started and course logistics, so you didn’t missed much. :slight_smile:

The discussed material, e.g., links, blog posts, publications, we will collect in our course repo that I posted above. So you can easily look up the discussed material after our meetups.

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sounds great :+1:
Quick ques regarding the meetup. Do we go through the lectures during the meetup, or do we do that beforehand, and discuss the contents of the lecture?

We go in the meetups through the lecture material and related topics, but the lesson should be watched before we meet (in order to discuss it).
This way, everyone can watch the lecture when he has time and we can already jump straight into the discussed material (and even talk about more advanced topics etc.).

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I had massive troubles with skype. Although it’s probably a user-mistake, since I haven’t been using it for years. It seems not to have improved since Microsoft ;=)

Next time, there will be also more time between the official lesson and our meetup so people have enough time to go through the material.
This time it was due to the pandemic chaos that it took us so long to set everything up.

The next online study group meetup is scheduled for Tuesday, 31.03., 18:00-20:00, via Skype.

I am looking forward to talk to you soon!


Is there a kind of agenda for the meetup tomorrow?

We will cover the lesson topics and will discuss everything else the fellows want to discuss, i.e., a fluid agenda depending on where the discussion goes.

If you have topics you want to discuss prepare something and we can look into that too.

Couldn’t join the meetup on 31st. I was let go by my employer yesterday (startups in the travel industry are getting massively hit by the COVID-19 situation). Haven’t seen the 2nd lecture yet. Looking forward to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to hear about that!

You can still easily catch up with our learning group, as we were only going through the basics during first two meetups. Just join us the next meetups if you find time for it. :slight_smile:

The email about the next meetup I will send out later.

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Hi Guys, I’m organizing an virtual study group from Amsterdam. I was just wondering whether everyone in your study group has access to the closed forum topics? In my case, only I have access and not the other participants, which makes it harder to colab on the forum.