Audio Download of Lecture Videos

Hi all,

@Even_Oldridge and @radekosmulski on Twitter who mentioned it first, but I used youtube-dl to download the audio for the Part 1v2 videos so that I could listen to them while walking around, and to hopefully reinforce the concepts. I’ve put the files up on Dropbox for now and wanted to offer it to the community in the hopes that it’ll be useful for others. The files are .m4a and AAC encoded, you should be able to easily add them to iTunes if you’re a Mac user and I imagine they’ll work on Windows too, although I’m not an audio codec master.

Download link here:
(Apologies if dropbox takes it down. If anyone knows of a good long-term place for these to live it’d be much appreciated. Normally I’d use S3 but I don’t really want to pay for bandwidth. It may end up being within the free tier though, we’ll see)

And for anyone interested in doing it themselves, here’s the command I used once youtube-dl was installed: youtube-dl -f 140 {YOUTUBE_DOWNLOAD_URL}, for example: youtube-dl -f 140

(Goes without saying, but all rights and permissions remain with the video’s creators. I checked with Jeremy on Twitter before posting this. IANAL but hopefully this covers things.)


Downloading from YouTube seems very easy…
Here’s how…

  • let’s say we have a link which looks like*/*
  • Now just add 1s after the youtube i.e… the link will now look like*/*

Here we can now download in whatever format we want…

PS I won’t get anything if you do that, it’s just it’s awesome and I have myself downloaded tons of videos

Hope it’s useful for everyone as we are better oriented with GUI’s


Thank you guys for the tip!

Looks like you have to pay for an account to download videos longer than 30 minutes in length.

They have changed it now, was free previously.
(There’s an App on Windows10 named YouTube Playlist Downloader)
Try it!

@julian. Thanks for sharing the audio. The dropbox link worked.

It’s generous of you to share these audio files for learning convenience! However, Dropbox links might be temporary. Consider using platforms like Google Drive for long-term storage. For those keen on DIY, the youtube-dl command is handy for extracting audio. Remember, ensuring rights and permissions are respected is crucial. Exploring a reliable Twitter保存 might assist in sharing videos more widely.