AttributeError: module 'bears' has no attribute 'dataloaders'

I am working through the bear sample in lesson two. I am struggling with missing parts in the underlying function. Here I got stuck. Could it be a library version issue?
I am using 02_production.ipynb.

Here is the minimum code (and a colab notebook with the code) that I was able to use to create the DataLoaders object. Note that I am using the updated DuckDuckGo Search API instead of Bing:

! pip install duckduckgo_search -Uqq

from fastdownload import download_url
from import *

from duckduckgo_search import DDGS

def search_images(term, max_images=30):
  print(f"Searching for ‘{term}’")
  with DDGS() as ddgs:
        return L(ddgs.images(term, max_results=max_images)).itemgot('image')

bear_types = 'grizzly','black','teddy'
path = Path('bears')

if not path.exists():
    for o in bear_types:
        dest = (path/o)
        download_images(dest, urls=search_images(f'{o} bear photo'))

bears = DataBlock(
    blocks=(ImageBlock, CategoryBlock), 
    splitter=RandomSplitter(valid_pct=0.2, seed=42),

dls = bears.dataloaders(path)

dls.valid.show_batch(max_n=4, nrows=1)

Here is the output I get from dls.valid.show_batch: