AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'train',lr=Ir)

while trying to fit to learner using simple mnist dataset
am having this error.


I am getting the same error!! is there no solution??!!

Provide the following info:

  • Code you used to create the learn and dataloader (linking the whole notebook is recommended if possible)

  • The versoin of fastai installed (run the command below in any notebook cell):

    !python -m pip list | grep fast

I got the same error and then I noticed that the previous line is actually:
dls = DataLoaders(dl, valid_dl)
It’s DataLoaders (plural with an s at the end). I got the error because I typed DataLoader (without an s at the end).

Hope this resolves your error and it’s not too late! :smiley:


Its not even late in June 21 ;-).