AttributeError: 'FileUpload' object has no attribute 'data'

When I try to upload the image of a bear and click classify. I get this


Your post doesn’t show where/how btn_upload is set, which makes it hard to even guess and the issue. Can you link to the whole notebook?

What do you get from…




I just encountered the same situation. After some tests, here’s my solution:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from PIL import Image
from io import BytesIO
img =[-1].content))

The type of btn_upload.value[-1].content is a memoryview and therefore I searched for how to load images from memory and then came up with above code snippet.

Edit: For prediction in the later code block, the image format will cause problem and I had to convert it using img = np.array(img).

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Share how did I find the solution.

As you mentioned, I used dir(btn_upload) to find value and then the content. Also, type is a great tool to work along with dir. :grinning:

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Now my notebook is running but ,I am getting this error can you help me resolve it. If you need any more information please let me know

I can share my notebook as well

It’s the same problem as indicated by the error message.

Original code:

def on_click_classify(change):
    img = PILImage.create([-1])
    with out_pl: display(img.to_thumb(128,128))
    pred,pred_idx,probs = learn_inf.predict(img)
    lbl_pred.value = f'Prediction: {pred}; Probability: {probs[pred_idx]:.04f}'

Modify it as the follows:

def on_click_classify(change):
    img =[-1].content))  # change this
    with out_pl: display(img.to_thumb(128,128))
    img = np.array(img)                                      # and add this
    pred,pred_idx,probs = learn_inf.predict(img)
    lbl_pred.value = f'Prediction: {pred}; Probability: {probs[pred_idx]:.04f}'

Thanks a lot it worked can you please tell me what caused it, why it was not working properly and how can i deploy it using voila

You could remove that line and check the error message.

I can’t remember the details but it’s something about the image format for the learn_inf.predict() function. The img = np.array(img) convert the image to a numpy array which is acceptable to the learn_inf.predict() function.

Yes. Somehow the kernel still takes old ‘on_click_classify’ function into account and hence the error. Try shutting down the kernel, restart it and then run all the code. The error should disapper.