Attempting to get a pytorch fastAI model up and running

Hello all, i need some help please. I am a newbie technically. i am attempting to get my own pytorch fastAI model up and running (using the code in lessons 2/3)

I’m stuck at the point where i need to use my learner to predict on my preferred images (ct scans saved on my mac from a bing search).

Attempting to use learn_inf.predict() with the pathway to the jpg file on my laptop throws up error messages. What am i doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

It would help if you can show the code and error message.

Thanks for your response. Here is a screenshot. Please excuse the crude markings on the picture. The “learn_inf.predict()” code at the top contains the path to the image location on my mac. The learn_inf.predict() code at the bottom is the example used in the lesson which works but i’m looking to use my own images instead. Thanks in advance.

The space after ‘Medical Paperwork’ in your path - is that neccessary?

Thanks, the spaces make no difference. still getting same “file not found” error message :frowning:

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you might want to try something like

!mv original-file-path ./normal_ct_brain.jpg

and verify the file exists where you think it should with an ls before calling predict

Thank you so much. I found the error. Really appreciate the advice :slight_smile:

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