At the end of Fast.AI, is there any digital certificate?

I’m a little confused. Could someone clarify - does this course operate more like MIT opencourseware, or like Coursera?

Is this course simply a repository of class videos and resources, OR am I supposed to make an account to track my progress with a resulting “completion” of some sort at the end, like Coursera or Udacity?

At the end of Fast.AI, is there any digital certificate?



The MOOC of are recoreded videos. Original Jeremy and Rachael taught this class at the University of San Francisco.
If you attended in-person in the class, you could receive a certificate. In addition there was an international fellowship, which enabled some people to attend via Skype/Google Hangout (without an certificate).

On you have the chance to watch the videos and get support in the online forum, but there is no certificate like coursera, udacity, etc.

I did multiple MOOC. In my opinion the content of is really great. Instead of a certificate you can upload projects to github, which has a higher value for a CV / application as a certificate.


You only get a certificate for the in person course. :cry:

That said this has been far more valuable than other things I’ve done that I’ve paid for…

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Thread hijack here, but curious David to see where you are applying your newfound skills? I see you’re very active in the forum and I am sure you have learned a lot, but I am wondering where you are going to take your new skills?

I myself am working on some friends nonprofits to improve farming in africa, well, at least trying to…we’ll see how good I really am. :wink: :flushed:

Starting a fellowship in neuroradiology in July (so will probably disappear for a while) with plans to do a subfellowship in imaging informatics.

Very interested in the intersection of radiology and deep learning, not 100% what my goals are yet - at the very least as a research focus, maybe something more entrepreneurial depending on how the career path goes.

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Very cool! I take it you’re a doctor then? :wink:

I’ve been sucked into NLP and imaging in remote applications (like agriculture), but I really like the entire AI/DL field so far. There’s so much possibility.

Good luck!!

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Thanks! You too.

Ah, awesome to hear that! I’ve been working in medical imaging for 30+ years, but only from the visualization side, Have done my share of 3D multimodality renderings of the brain :slight_smile: Don’t have a project right now, so I decided to get up to speed with deep learning - with the hope of using it for medical imaging applications in the future.

Good luck with your fellowship and your career, David - stay in touch!

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Might be a silly question, but does anyone actually care about the certificates you get from Coursera/Udacity? I mean I’ve completed a few of courses on both but I never thought of putting an Udemy’s “certificate of completing 10 hours of X” onto my CV. Anyone got any experience with people reacting positively to having certificates from a MOOC?

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FYI, I’ve done quite a few MOOCs for which I did receive certificates, but even though there is no certificate this is the best one by far! I have learned far more useful skills here than anywhere else, and I am proud to have taken this course.