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(adrian) #1

Just for a bit fun I’d thought I’d post one of the more interesting pictures I generated with style transfer. Would be good to see some other methodologies and examples.

The animal in the image below is easy, but can you guess the artist?

The image above was generated using a ‘reality scalar’ of 10e6 instead of 1e6

The artist may be a bit easier in the image below, using 5e5 for the scalar.

(Artist painting is Kandinsky’s Composistion VII)

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #2

Great idea - let’s see some more images folks! :smiley:

(Rohit Singh) #3

Here’s an image created entirely using the style loss from Escher’s Convex and Concave

and that is a work of art by itself!

(Gerardo Garcia) #4

(Nachiket Tanksale) #5


(David) #6


After playing about I got this!

(Arvind Nagaraj) #7

Woow!! Too good!

(Shivam Goel) #8 (my blog post explaining these results).

(Ravi Sekar Vijayakumar) #9

I tried to covert a boring health magazine cover into a pulp magazine cover and below was a result.

Was amazed to see that face shadow style was somehow reflected partly in the output. Or maybe it’s just my eyes :slight_smile:

(Rohit Singh) #10

I wasnt getting good results with the Gram Matrix style transfer, so tried using Optimal Transport and that worked beautifully. (by a former student!)

(Rohit Singh) #11

That’s Scott Morehouse in the style of Leonardo da Vinci’s self portrait - again using Optimal transport.

(Sanyam Bhutani) #12

You definitely need to checkout @helena’s Twitter for more cool art(GAN)work

(Alex) #13

CycleGAN 200 epoch

(Gavin Francis) #14

I varied the weights between style and content for a range of artists and turned the resulting images into a movie.

(adrian) #15

Thats a pretty good idea