Are list of courses inter-top-down? What is recommended?

I am newly starting with, with few basic statistical topics refreshed. I ask this question because its a top-down approach and usually may not arise in regular bottom up approach. There are

  1. Practical DL (part 1)
  2. Cutting edge DL (part 2)

And then we have more basic topics
3. Introduction to ML for Coders
4. Computational Linear Algebra (CLA)

So that is the order we take up?. I understand each course is intra-top down, but the courses order itself, is also top down in above order? (Inter top down?)

Or am I better off with any other order and if so what? Something like below?

  1. CLA
  2. Introduction to ML for coders
  3. Practical DL (part 1)
  4. Cutting edge DL (part 2)

Kindly help.

The ML course is about a different topic.

I suggest you just start with DL part 1.