Applications for the Facebook AI Research Residency Program are open

The deadline is January 26, 2018. More details here.


For those interested in doing a residency at FAIR or Google Brain, based on the experience of our student Sara Hooker who successfully applied for the Google Brain one, you should plan to spend a solid 2+ years working intensively on understanding, using and applying DL. As well as doing both parts of DL, Sara also read the Goodfellow book, worked on the data science non-profit she founded, Delta Analytics, and did other projects.

So it’s an attainable goal, but one you’ll need to really work hard at for a period of time to achieve.


@jeremy how can we enrol on the second part of fastai course? Is it gonna be similar application/acceptance procedure as it was for the first part of the course?


Yup same approach.


Any timeline when it might appear so that people don’t miss it?
Thanks in advance…

Maybe mid March.

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Just to be clear, Mid March is the time when the second part actual course starts, yes? Then when does the application start? And another related question, when does second machine learning course start? Can we have access to the videos of ml2 as well? If yes, how?

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ml2 is just for USF students. No videos AFAIK. I don’t know when applications for dl2 will open - keep an eye on the forum and/or website.


Hi, I understand that unfortunately the videos for ml2 will not be available. Can we have a list of the topics covered in that course (I understand gbm will be there) and some resources to study by ourselves? I am strongly interested in understanding the kind of corpus that must be understood to be proficient.