APL Visualization

I have been working through plotting in APL and am finding the information on how exactly to do that is not very straightforward. Since visualizing data and arrays is a thing that’s important to intuition I thought I’d start a thread to discuss. My goal is to build up my ability to visualize things while I learn APL as I think that as things get more complex, visualizing things will be helpful in seeing what things are actually doing!

As a starting point, we can create a basic chart using the base plot function like this (passing in multiple vectors in this example).

]plot (1 4 9 16 26) (1 2 3 4 5) -type=scatter
]plot (1 4 9 16 26) (1 2 3 4 5) (2 4 6 8 10) -type=line

In order to see what other types of plots are available in this function you can check the help documentation using ]plot -???. Less question marks will give less detail about the function.

AFAICT sharpplot is more common way to plot in APL and more flexible, though I have not figured out yet how to get that working.

If anyone figures out more - please share information, examples, resources, or anything else! I’ll do the same as I figure out more :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing @Ezno ! I used an expression instead of hard coded vectors and that worked too

]plot pick 10 rho 6 -type=scatter

works too (i’m not using the symbols as i’m on an iphone :slight_smile: )

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@Ezno Check out the attached tutorial/documentation, starting from page 738.


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@Moody I’ve been trying to reference that document, but it’s a bit of a tough read and haven’t gotten it figured out just yet. Did you get this working in Ride or in Jupyter? Would love to see some code examples that worked for you that I can learn from!

See Plotting with SharpPlot — APL Cultivations