Apl-Study Notebook Prose

I’m back from a nice long vacation and I am just starting to tackle adding some additional prose and cleaning up the apl-study notebooks we built together. I am attempting to add prose that is very beginner friendly as I think the APL docs and APL wiki already do a good job documenting the fine details in a very specific way that an expert would find valuable.

If anyone is interested in collaborating on this let me know! There’s a lot to do :slight_smile:

Here’s my PR for the first notebook


Amazing! I’ll be happy to exist if you need anything clarified, checked for factual correctness, etc.


The 1st two notebooks are now live:


BTW @Ezno you might want to add ⍝| include: false to the cells at the start of notebooks that set the boxing. AFAIK it should work correctly


Looks great. I’ve submitted an issue for minor corrections in those two notebooks.


Great! I just submitted a PR for the last of those changes. Thank you!

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Woohoo - Just did a PR for notebook 04. Didn’t get through the full thing yet, but most of it has some prose. I believe @F73x is working on notebook 03 and will have a PR for some prose in that notebook soon as well.

I just watched lecture 1 of the new fastai course on stable diffusion and it was :fire:, so I am thinking I will be working with stable diffusion for a while. I plan to finish the rest of the apl-study documentation at some point, but not sure when that will be. Maybe in a few months.

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