Anyone in Philadelphia?

Hey all! Anyone looking to form an in-person study group for the course? I’m in Center City, can meet anywhere in the city to watch and study!

About me: I’m a grad student at Penn in bioengineering looking to improve my practical DL skills. Really interested in applying DL to healthcare and biomedical datasets, especially in immunology and single cell analysis.

Yep, a few of us at Penn Med.


Woah. Maybe we could watch the next class in JMEC/Engineering?

A few of us are planning to have review sessions on campus

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Nice, would love to be a part of that. How many people?

Think we have 5. Mostly radiology residents/fellows.

Want to start a study groupchat? @davecg @bjinwoopark

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Yes, I’m in

Anyone taking this course right now in the Philly area and want to form a study group? I live in Rittenhouse.