Anyone currently doing v3?

Hello, hope y’all are staying safe and healthy.
I just started this course and I completed lesson-1(v-3). So, I wanted to know if there is anyone who is already doing the course(part-1) or about to start. Because two heads are always better than one.

Studying partner is really the coolest and productive thing. Some of the benefits are sharing resources, motivation to study, helping each other and also time management. So, please let me know if any one is going to start or just started. Thank you.

I have started a few days back. Still working on setting up my GCP environment…

yes im on it. Currently finished 2nd lesson, however going back to first one again.

I also just started the V3 course, but on Paperspace, I set up and got he V4 fastai course notebooks, which are quite easy to navigate. So in a way, I am watching the lectures from V3, but working on the notebooks of V4.

I am glad that fastai has improved so drastically compared to 3.5 years ago, when I was just dabbling with it, but could not continue due to other commitments. But now with less work due to Covid lockdowns, I am finding Jeremy’s work very helpful to focus on the coding first approach.

So I would also be ready to contribute in any way to keep all of us motivated.


I am just reminding the fact that fastai v4 course is going to be released this month.


i’m doing v3 now. just starting lesson 3. it would help if i didn’t keep going off on tangents but that’s not how i learn. :laughing:



I also just started this course by using Paperspace, and just finished lesson 2. And yes, I agree study together can really help a lot and has many benefits. I was thinking maybe we can set up a messaging group for people who just started doing this course?(such as discord or facebook group)

Personally I think it’s more useful to keep it here so other people in the future can find answers to problems by searching the forum.


I’m taking the course too, I’ve just started …
I think we can schedule a video call to study o review the first lessons … I think . that @joedockrill can help us … he has experience , I think …

A big hug to everyone ! :blush:

i don’t have time for video calls i’m afraid but i’m very happy to chime in on a thread for everyone doing it at the moment (maybe we just use this thread?).

how’s everyone doing so far? is anyone still having problem setting up an environment or getting something deployed to a hosting provider?

[edit] or maybe this should be in the “general course chat” sticky thread they already have here.

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that would be a good idea but not everyone will be able to join that!

when is v4 is coming out?

Posted 4 days ago

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lesson 7 goes wooooooosh! :open_mouth:

I was doing v3. Finished lesson 2 a week ago. I thought I’d start over once v4 comes out. Currently I am brushing up pytorch basics in preparation of v4

Any idea when V4 is going live?
and also can you share what you are doing to brush up pytorch.
i am also in preparation for V4 any advice you can give is valuable

The course should be out in a week-ish. Jeremy said ‘should be out in a week or two’.

A book called ‘Deep Learning with pytorch’ by Eli Stevens and some youtube tutorials. I’d really recommend the book. The pytorch official courses (also taught by jeremy) is also a great resource.



What do you mean by official pytorch courses taught by Jeremy? I’m only aware of this tutorial:

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Yeah that one, I’ll correct myself, official pytorch tutorials, one of them by jeremy. Sorry for the misinformation.