Anybody in the Greater Boston and Providence Area?

Hi all,

Just want to gauge interest in forming a study group between class sessions in this area, I personally live in Providence but would not mind traveling to meet up in Boston with the potential of a bigger group.


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Hi there! I live in Boston and would be interesting in a study group. I unfortunately don’t have a car, but if we choose somewhere T-accessible I’d happily join in.

Great, nice to meet you Kevin. I think it might be a good idea to meet in one of the existing machine learning meetup groups in Boston. This one is accessible by the T at the Cambridge Innovation Center near Kendall/MIT and I have been attending on Sunday afternoons at 2pm. They actually have a self study group (not part of the international fellowship), so it will be good to do this if we only have a small group joining.

I’m in Boston as well and would join in on this!

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The Kaggle meetup is fantastic; I was a regular back in the spring. I think it’s a great choice.

I am unfortunately booked up for the next three Sundays, but I would love to stay engaged and join you all starting November 11th onwards. I’m also happy to meet up during the week if anyone is interested.

Hi Alex, welcome!

Ah I see, okay sounds good. I’d be interested if we have a group going during weekdays as well

Hi guys,

I live near the cambridge area, and would join during weekends if you guys are meeting somewhere.

I’m in the Boston area as well, would be interested in a study group.

Yes, I’m in Providence!

Hey guys,

I’m in Jamaica Plain and am interested in meeting up. I’ve been to the Kaggle meetup mentioned above a few times and it’s great! I would be interested in meeting up on weekdays as well.

I live in Medford, Boston and would like to join

Good to see so many interests!

Any of you wants to do the Connect AI meetup mentioned above this Sunday at 2? It has a pretty good space at the CIC and we can form our own study group there as well

That meetup looks interesting @Muosvr! I’d check it out

Actually I won’t be able to this sunday

@Muosvr I’ll be at the Connect AI meetup this Sunday, Nov. 4. Anyone else planning on being there?

@vedder unfortunately I won’t be able to be there this Sunday, but look forward to meeting up another week, maybe the next one if you are going again!

No worries. Sounds good!

Is anyone interested in meeting up at a coffee shop or somewhere else this week who can’t make the Connect AI meetup? I’m going to try deploying a web app to production this week, as well as using the google images script to create a new dataset, and would love to team up.

Hi, I would like to meet up. I live in JP. I’ll be gone Friday-Monday of this week, so I guess it’d have to be today or tomorrow. Or of course we could plan something for next week.

@GiantSquid I’m in JP too! I’m free any time tomorrow. What time works for you?