Any interest in an nbdev quick/light feature?

So … you have a few notebooks exploring the same kind of problem and you find yourself copying/pasting code between them - but you’re not ready to go full nbdev - what if you could

  • flag cells to be written to a py module as soon as you run them in the notebook
  • make that module available to other notebooks?

As a quick example;

If you’re interested in the implementation, please see:

I realize this is similar to but …

  • we don’t force you to type an ID and file name with every exported cell (too much typing for me :o)
  • this won’t update your module if running the cell fails
  • notebooks using this could be used in a full nbdev project (just need to change import / default_exp flag)

@sgugger/@jeremy might this be a good fit for nbdev? if yes, i’d be happy to work on a PR