Any Chennai folks around?

I’m an alumnus, so if you are currently pursuing or an alumni in the Chennai Area would be great to catch up? We could also get attached to the official study groups thread and take it from there.
The intent was to just find out how many IITM folks are there! Everyone in the Chennai area is totally welcome to put ur names forward! Excited to see how many people wanna group up and a have a potentially weekly meetup!

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That would be the way to do it. Set up a signup form and start putting some info in your top post here, and then add to the study groups thread.

But I think it would be much more aligned with the ethos if you didn’t limit it to people who study it some particular university. We’re trying to make things more accessible, not more exclusive! :slight_smile: So maybe make it a Chennai study group?


Yes makes more sense. My apologies! Ill add a PS!

OK I’ve updated the title then so that folks know it’s not just IITM.

Been following for over an year…would love to be a part of weekly meetup

I’m up for it, Kousik!
Let’s do this.

I would love to be part of the meetup