Announcing Walk with fastai, the missing pieces for success!

(Jeremy let me know if you’d rather I not plug this in the forums please and I’ll remove this! :slight_smile: )

Hey everyone! Do you remember A Walk with fastai2? I’m excited to announce it’s coming back for a second edition :slight_smile:


Currently in preorder (available here), I’m redoing the entire course with some new content, much more verbose notebooks, and if you preorder you’ll be able to join live as we go through each notebook :slight_smile:

I’m eyeballing having the course start in mid-November so long as the material winds up being done by then, if not December. Here’s a list of the newer topics:

  • The basics of the fastai framework
  • Using custom models and optimizers
  • Practical Kaggle competition applications
  • Distributed data parallelism
  • Big data
  • nbdev and fastcore
  • And more!

I’ve been hard at work thinking about this new course ever since the first edition finished, and I truthfully believe this version of the course is on another level. Just compare the notes alone from v1 to v2 :slight_smile:



The entire course will be at this detail level (and built with nbdev!)

Thank you so much to this community that’s helped motivate me to bring this back again, and continue doing this. I hope you will join me on a second journey through taking fastai to the next level, and don’t hesistate to reach out if you have questions :hugs:


I think the preorder link is the wrong one maybe?

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Thanks Alex :man_facepalming: copy/paste has got me again :slight_smile: Updated it but also you can find it here: Preorder: Walk with fastai - the missing pieces for success

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I’m delighted for you to plug this in the forums :slight_smile:


FYI you might want to split that V2 image into two. On my laptop I can’t really see it at all, even when I click on it to “zoom”.

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Noted! Thanks :smile: I’ll play with it a bit

Update, the course is now only 25% off, but the website is now live that you’ll get access to! It’s about 50% done but already has tons more detail than the original Walk with fastai course :slight_smile:

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I got one question about the course:
Last time there was one chapter on fastai with Audio, but it used the fastaudio library that is now deprecated. Will there be something on audio in the new version of the course again?
Really appreciate your work!

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There will not be in this course :slight_smile:

A few updates:

There’s a new store:

And I’ll be giving away five seats to the course!

See this tweet for more details:


Will the recordings be freely available on YouTube once the course is done? I missed the preorder.

Nope. This is a fully paid course bar the code with no notes attached. Preorders are still going on :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll try to join.

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The course content is finally completed :slight_smile: As a result once 48 hrs from now are up the 25% off sale will end and the course will be full price.

Last little update on this here, the course will officially start the week of the 16th! If you want to get in live, now is your last chance. Otherwise in the spirit of and open source I will make all the stripped notebooks available for free, check them out here


For those who missed out on the live course event, for the next two weeks the course will be 40% off :hugs: