Ann Arbor/Detroit study group

Looking for people in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area who would like to meetup to study and discuss the lectures on a regular basis.


@A_TF57 I am in the Detroit area and would like to form a study group

Hey all Iā€™m in Ypsilanti, scheduling can be difficult but Iā€™d love to meet up for some in-person studying.

Awesome! We can plan weekend meetups somewhere near Plymouth/Canton. Do you guys think you would be comfortable with this location? Any other location recommendations?

What times/days would suit you guys for the meetup? I was thinking of having the following kind of structure, but if the scheduling is difficult, we could keep these to weekend only meetups:

  • Lecture
    ā€“ Short meeting after the lecture (sometime during the week) to discuss the lecture specifics/concepts.
    ā€“ Weekend meetup to work on problems together and/or general discussion.

Let me know what you guys think!

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That would be workable for me! My only constraint is that since I am a bit of a drive from Plymouth/Canton Saturday morning would really work best for me. Let me know your thoughts?

I could do saturday morning!

I live in Birmingham and have worked with the new version of fastai a little bit - Plymouth/Canton could work for me. Saturday might be nice to avoid traffic.

Great idea. Iā€™d like to form a study group. I live in Kalamazoo. What about creating an online group for example on WhatsApp or whatever to share the problems/ concepts?

Hey A_TF57

I live by Dearborn, let me know how will it goes