Amazon from space in google collab

I am trying to write a CNN on Kaggle’s Amazon from Space dataset. I can’t spend money now. So, I want to use Google collab. I have successfully downloaded the dataset using kaggle cli tool. But I am not able to extract the data. Please help me.

Did you try to search for the given file? find / --name "train-jpg.tar.7z" Kaggle cli saves the data in some other folder.

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Thank you @Blanche you were right, it was saving somewhere. I couldn’t find it with the find command but I changed the download cmd of kaggle cli by appending -w which will download to current working directory. Thank you once again.

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Folder where file(s) will be downloaded with the official Kaggle CLI tool, defaults to {your home directory}/.kaggle. E.g.:

  • For macOS / Linux:
  • For Windows: